Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sir Fred Goodwin - Tell Gordon Brown to shove it.

Sir Fred Goodwin's pension of £693,000 a year for life is without doubt a ridiculous sum, recession or not. Based on his performance it is hard to credit (excuse the pun) him receiving so much. HOWEVER, this is not a bonus, this is a pension that was contractually agreed between Sir Fred and the board of RBS. I understand that this pension was also agreed to by the share holders.

It turns my stomach to think of Goodwin raking it in, but a contract is a contract. Gordon Brown, who many consider to be the most ruinous Prime Minister this country has ever seen - the destroyer of the economy - will not be giving up his pension. Gordon the destroyer said:

"When banks fail... the people who make the mistakes cannot and should not run off with entitlements and with additional discretionary payments... this is unjustifiable, unacceptable....."

What a bloody cheek - can he not see the irony in his words? - he could have easily exchanged to word bank for government. Brown will leave office with this country in ruins. He will be paid massive appearance fees and he will receive very lucrative book deals. He will become rich from being Prime Minister, and we will be poorer for the privilege of his leadership.

So I say to Sir Fred: Tell Gordon Brown to shove his legal action where the sun don't shine.


John of Enfield said...

...and while we are at it, why do we allow Bliar to get away with selling his prime-ministership for £15m PER ANNUM? He has brought Great Britain to its knees & now benefits personally from his time in office.

Another Scottish traitor.

Dungeekin said...

(With apologies to Bernard Cribbins).

"Right" said Fred, "I'm the bloody chairman
RBS is fucked I'll have to go"
He went softly, gave up on his money
But he kept 'is pension
And so we had a media frenzy

"Right" said Fred, "Now I've quit the comp'ny
13 grand a week will have to do
Take it easy, no need to be thrifty
Coz I've got my pension"
And so we had a media frenzy

And Gordon had a think and he thought he ought to get the bank he'd rescued
To check they'd not been too screwed
But the Board all said they were happy to pay Fred

"All right," said Fred, "time to put my feet up
With my pension I've got loadsa dough."
Board had screwed up, media threw their arms up
Should have blocked his pension, but no!
So Fred said, "give me a massive monthly cheque."
The Board said, "right-o."

And Gordon had a think, and he said, "Look, Fred,
I'll give the job to Prescott
And we'll sue you for the whole lot
If you don't want flak you should pay your pension back."

"Right," said Fred, " Have to take you all down,
So I'll write and tell you where to go."
Prove the Gov'ment had approved the payment
So I'll keep my pension"
And so we had a media frenzy.

"Right," said Fred, pulling out a pencil
With one letter gave a mighty blow.
Board's in trouble, Myners prob'ly double, more of Labour's misdeeds come home,
But Fred's scot-free 'cept for on the BBC
And so we went home.


Daily Referendum said...


I wonder how much Blair is worth now?

Daily Referendum said...

Excellent D

subrosa said...

Why is it because Blair and Brown are Scottish does that matter? Neither men are Scottish except by birth. Both have tried desperately to shake off any Scottishness, with Blair being more successful than Brown.

They don't belong here and would never fit into Scotland as it is today.

The reason they're in power is because England voted labour in. We're doing our best here in the SNP to get rid of the corrupt and incompetent labour lot, but we have the same problem as you, so many people vote labour because they can't stand the tories.

Anonymous said...

Senior civil servants and public sector staff have been failing this country for years, I would like to see their final salary pensions displayed in public and subjected to the same rigourous scrutiny.

gadgie said...

subrosa, if devolution had never happened, there would never have been any mention of "scottish" from England and you know that be the truth regardless of you being SNP. If it was good enough for scots nats to accuse the dustman from durham of being Edward the first or maggie thathcher incarnate
when he visited scotland, you will have to be prepared to take it.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the worthless Gordon Brown, he will get his at the next general election. As for Goodwin and his cronies they (and others like them in other organisations)are responsible for financial and economic losses which make the combined take of all the criminals in history pale into insignificance. In my book he is nothing more than a common criminal, no different from the scumbag who stabs an old lady for her handbag. Why are we pussying around. If it were not for the taxpayer RBS would have gone down and with it all the employment contracts would cease to exist. There can be no justification for him (or any senior management) to get a single penny. All this does is to send a loud and clear message - if you want to commit really big crime then become a banker and you will get away with the loot scot free.

UKaviator said...

Please visit the government e-petitions website and add your signature to my petition requesting that Gordon Brown strip Sir Fred of his knighthood: