Sunday, 1 March 2009

£38,931 Logo for Dept of Energy and Climate Change.

More ridiculous waste from our Labour government. This Logo cost you and me £38,931

From Hansard:

Greg Clark: To ask the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change how much his Department has spent to date on its (a) websites, (b) logos and (c) stationery.

Mr. Mike O'Brien: Since its formation on 3 October 2008, DECC has spent £19,226 on stationery and £38,931 on logo design and associated costs. The current DECC website was put in place at no additional cost as a temporary measure while a new site for the Department is developed. While no invoices have yet been received for the development of the replacement site, £50,000 has so far been allocated for this for 2008-09.

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The Raven said...

Makes the £30,000 Tory broccoli look like a bargin, doesn't it?

It also always amazes me that government websites cost so much. They have no interactivity, no functions; they're just page after page of textual content. You could make most of them with basic HTML, yet they always seem to cost tens of thousands of pounds.