Friday, 27 March 2009

Gordon Brown - hopeless snotgobbler turns hapless globetrotter.

Our hopeless snotgobbler Gordon Brown has turned into our hapless globetrotter. The Chilean president Michelle Bachelet managed to get a bit of a dig in at Brown today (no doubt number ten's rapid denial squad will say it was a translation problem). President Bachelet said Chile was in good economic shape "because of our decision during the good times to save some of the money for the bad times."

Her comments mirrored those of David Cameron's leaky roof and Daniel Hannan's un-seaworthy ship. George Osborne, said:

"The President of Chile is right to point out, as we have done, that countries that put aside money in the good years are the ones that can afford to spend that money now without adding recklessly to national debt.

"Gordon Brown is getting lessons from the Latin Americans about sound public finances. You couldn't make it up. It is because under Labour, Britain suffers the national embarrassment of having the biggest budget deficit by far of any G20 country."

Gordon, please call an election before there is no return from your folly.

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Anonymous said...

Plus another £50 million of our money p1$$ed out of the window next Thursday on the next stage of the completely futile Save Gordon project, aka G20.