Sunday, 5 April 2009

Become an MP for the power or the Money? Hoon?

The title of this post doesn't give the other option that until recently (the last decade or so) would come out on top - that being - duty. Being an MP used to be about duty, about serving your country and representing your fellow countrymen. Now it has become very clear that many are in it purely for the money, and some are in it for the sex that power brings. MPs of old, as a rule, had previous life experience that suited power, whether it be from business or from the military. Now take a look at today's cabinet; a bunch of ex solicitors, lecturers, researchers and career politicians.

Gordon Brown - Lecturer
Paul Murphy - Lecturer
John Hutton - Lecturer
Lord Mandelson - Career Politician
David Miliband - Career Politician
Jim Murphy - Career Politician
Douglas Alexander - Career Politician
Ed Miliband - Career Politician
John Denham - Career Politician
Jack Straw - Barrister
Alistair Darling - Solicitor
Hazel Blears - Solicitor
Harriet Harman - Solicitor
Geoff Hoon - Lecturer/Barrister
James Purnell - Researcher
Shaun Woodward - Researcher
Andy Burnham - Researcher
Yvette Cooper - Researcher
Jacqui Smith - Teacher
Alan Johnson - Postman
Hilary Benn - Unionist
Ed Balls - Journalist

I would guess that the reason why this cabinet has been so slow to help out our businessmen and women is down to the fact that none of them have much (if any) business experience. They've made plenty of promises, but so far nothing real appears to be happening while businesses go to the wall. What set me off this morning was the news of another Labour minister (Geoff Hoon) with his snout deep in the trough.

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, hits this whole expenses fiasco nail on its head:
"It's quite clearly an improper use of taxpayers' money and it is not sufficient for Geoff Hoon to say he was within the rules. Being within the rules and behaving ethically are not the same thing, unfortunately."
I honestly believe that Labour are desperate to hang on to power at all costs. Otherwise they are going to have to find real jobs and earn their own money - instead of helping themselves to ours.

UPDATE: Shadow Cabinet previous careers.


Henry North London said...

I want to be an MP for the Duty... We all have a responsibility for the planet and the government of the country. Getting on the gravy train and eating is not the same thing.

Man in a Shed said...

A good post - that list says it all.

Anonymous said...

Hoon is no mre than a perjorative word for this MP. He of the war mongering trough swilling party. Should be hung from a lamp post

IanPJ said...

But then Hoon is the MP who said "We act outside The Law, and we dont care".

marksany said...


how does the opposition front bench compare?

King Athelstan said...

Can't imagine what McBroon lectured on, washing the saliva out of your hair perhaps?

JonathanG said...

IanPJ, I missed that Hoonism ("We act outside The Law, and we dont care"). A bit like Harperson's "The prime minister has said that it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted" and "it might be enforceable in a court of law, this contract, but .. that is where the government steps in." Scary people.

I think the two Milipedes are probably the scariest of all; nerds who've never had a proper job between them (like Harperson) given the chance they are capable of anything.

Getting back to the topic. The current pay and expenses system doesn't work anymore. It is seriously eroding the trust of the public. It also encourages people to enter parliament, who have no hope of earning decent money otherwise, in the expectation that they will become millionaires. With the current system, if an MP or minister is prepared to milk the system for all its worth, he or she can set themselves up for life (inc pension) on just one 5-year term.