Monday, 6 April 2009

Chris Grayling - The DNA database is illegal.

A letter from Chris Grayling to Jacqui Smith:
Dear Jacqui

I am writing to you concerning the continued use of the DNA database to store the data of innocent people. As you will be aware, this practice is now illegal following the recent ruling by the European Court. I urge you to stop this practice immediately.

We are today announcing our alternative proposal for the management of the database. The proposals would have the effect of implementing the Scottish system across the UK, with a few minor modifications. This framework is compliant with current law.

I strongly urge you to implement these proposals immediately. It is not acceptable for the Government to be continuing with the old regime when it has been ruled illegal. It is also contrary to the rules of natural justice in the UK, which have always been founded on the principle that you are innocent until proven guilty. There can be no justification for treating the DNA of the innocent in the same way as the DNA of the guilty.

This is not a process that requires long consultation, and a spell in the long grass. It can and should happen immediately.

I urge you to deal with this issue now, and not to leave the existing system in place for any longer.

Yours sincerely

Chris Grayling


Sue said...

They´re doing the same with Spine, the NHS database. It´s to be shared nationally with all other health authorities and who else will have access?

It´s also an "opt out" scheme which many people aren´t told about or are being coerced into.

Chris said...

About flippin' time! We can't have people on this Database on what amounts to hearsay. The way it works is that anybody accused of an offence, with no evidence at all, can - and IS - on that Database!

Chris said...

It's nice to see the "opposition" party actually BEING opposition!