Friday, 10 April 2009

Gordon Brown - Don't blame Pakistan for your failures.

Apparently Gordon (the artful dodger) Brown has declared that Pakistan 'has to do more to root out terrorist elements in its country'. The cheeky sod. It's true that Pakistan has a job to do, but to blame them for a twelve man terrorist cell operating in this country is dodging the ball somewhat. We (when I say we I mean the Home Office) let these men into our country, we gave (according to reports) ten of the twelve man cell student visas. Only one of them attended what has been described as a reputable institution. If that is true, why were the others granted student visas to study at dodgy institutions? Wasn't there a supposed crack down on those services in 2007? No doubt it is still under one of our famous New Labour reviews.

Pakistan's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, said in reply to Brown: 'It is at your end you have to do something more. Every day we are raiding people, we are arresting people, we are arresting suspects wherever we find them.'

The Mail online reports Immigration Minister Phil Woolas as having said last week that student visas were: 'the major loophole in Britain's border controls'. Well there is an answer to that isn't there Phil? Either enforce much stricter controls on student visas, or scrap them altogether from countries known to be exporting terrorists.

I think the government is very lucky that no one has come to any harm from these men. They were allowed to come here via what has been described by one of our own ministers as a loophole. It's the government job to close such loopholes to protect the public, not moan about them as if nothing can be done.


Sean Lynch said...

He's a wanker Steve, all this terrorism cobblers has been blown up :) because his recession strategy of spend spend spend has been blown out of the water.
Even the previously compliant Mervyn King has had enough of this nutter, he told him straight, there is no more money.
So we'll be back to the old terrorism ploy now, but what gets me more than anything is that none of these suspects will be charged and they don't even know what they had planned to do.
Labour has done this before to make them look strong and the "Torees" who support civil liberties appear soft on terrorists to the man in the street.
This whole thing is another Liebour political gimmick, I for one don't believe a word anyone in this stinking government utters, they need to be kicked out now.
It was Labours open door immigration that has caused all these problems with foreign fanatics, anything they do is like applying sticking plaster to a severed artery.

Gordon Brown said...

As saviour and chancellor of the world, the banks and the UK from terror, I think it particularly appasite that today is Good Friday. Cos when I rise on Sunday, the world will realise my omnipotence.