Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ian Tomlinson - Independent inquiry and Autopsy.

From the BBC:
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) also announced it would request a second post-mortem test as part of an independent inquiry.
I think we can assume that the autopsy will find bruising to Ian's legs (baton strike) and possible abrasions to his hands and knees (push to the floor). Of course there is the possibility that the shove and impact with the floor, or even the stress of the situation caused Ian's heart to give up.

What I do know is that the police officers involved should be suspended. And I do mean officers. An officer attacked Ian and the other officers did nothing. Who will police the police if they cannot police themselves. If you watch the video they don't even remonstrate with the attacking officer, so we must assume that they saw this assault as reasonable force. When I was in the Navy, if someone junior to you committed a crime and you did nothing to stop it, or failed to report it, then you were considered guilty of failing to do your duty. Those police officers who did nothing following this unprovoked attack on Ian Tomlinson are guilty of failing to do their duty.

I don't know if this unprovoked assault caused Ian's heart attack, but I do know that he was assaulted in a cowardly way. Ian was posing no threat to the public, the police or property. He was assaulted by a person who is paid to protect him.


Anonymous said...

I whole heartily agree with your sentiments, but to be honest as a football fan the Police actions shown on the clip go on all the time - it doesn't surprise me in the least that this has happened.

But then, when football fans raise Police brutality as an issue the general, usual, response is 'go away you deserve it, you're scum'.

Ho Hum!

Cato said...

I've said elsewhere but will say it again that it makes me ashamed to have been a copper for 30 years.

We have let our police sink lower than Mugabe's thugs...and that's saying something.

William Gruff said...

We've seen videos of innocent citizens being assaulted by police officers before and nothing is ever done.

No one will be charged over this disgraceful incident and the losers will be decent police officers (yes there are some) and those of us who are fighting a growing sense of disillusionment with 'The Police' and anger at the way we are policed.

Dungeekin said...

The IPCC are investigating?

Oh good. That means we won't get a whitewash at all then.

I'll stop worrying that the police can beat and kill with impunity. The IPCC are on the case.


Anonymous said...

What a good thing that we have such a respected Home Secretary in office at present to deal with this in an even-handed way.

Sign the petition for free bath plugs to all hard-working families here:

It's in the interests of fairness.

Anonymous said...

And just l;ike in the De Menezes case, the coppers are lying their asses off about it...

Anonymous said...

Even a dead body doesn't mean there's sufficient evidence these days.
The police are culpable on several grounds including setting the tone for the demonstrations, their gross action on the day (kettling) and of course, the beating and murder of Ian Tomlinson.
It is doubtful that the IPCC will deal with this in anything but a make-do, whitewash sort of way. They were too slow to act in the first place, indeed the City of London police were set to investigate themselves.
What sort of trust do the police think we have in them?
Sadly, this story is already of the pace as Bob Quick has resigned for being a total dick! The media are all over this storyand some people are also calling for arrest of the photographers who took the shots!
I don't have any faith i justice being done AGAIN