Saturday, 11 April 2009

McBride and Draper - We Tories owe you a big thank you.

With the General election growing ever closer and the polls pretty stagnant, what we Tories need is a bit of a boost (maybe a bit of good old Labour sleaze). So I would like to thank Messrs McBride and Draper - let's hear it for the chuckle brothers hip hip.... Cheers boys we owe you one.

The only chance Labour had of staying in power was to mount just the kind of campaign that has come to light. There is no doubt that Labour intended to carry out a dirty campaign by attacking leading Conservative figures, but thanks to Draper and McBride (and possibly Tom Watson) that is going to be a lot more difficult. Labour strategists will have been hoping that the disastrous "Tory Toff" attack will have been forgotten - not now - they have been caught playing dirty twice and the public won't forgive if it happens again. Labour's election campaign has just become a hell of lot more challenging.

I think it's possible that this failed smear plot could have just handed David Cameron victory at the General Election.

Cheers Derek, and a big thanks to you Damian!

And BZ to Guido of course!


Andrew Allison said...

I don't know whether it has handed David Cameron an election victory; there are many other reasons why we will win, but this story has legs and it will come back to haunt Labour again and again.

Jamie Sport said...

I agree, Derek Draper is like a chubby shaped, greasy, unshaven gift to the conservative party.

Whether or not he represents the views of the Labour party itself, I'm fairly certain the guy has put a huge number of would-be Labour voters off. Well spun Drek.

Chris said...

Well, Cameron is certainly the lesser of two evils. But if only he was seeking fairness for the electorate in England.

Anonymous said...

Is he having some trouble composing himself today?

Daily Referendum said...

Nice one Curly!