Saturday, 25 April 2009

Michael Caine - Labour are like a rotten piece of meat.

Michael Caine has been talking to the Telegraph's Roya Nikkhah. Michael is not pleased with Labour or Gordon Brown. He is most definitely not a fan of their 50% tax.
The Government has taken tax up to 50 per cent, and if it goes to 51, I will be back in America. "I will not pay the Government more than I get. No way, ever. "They've reached their limit with me, and that's what will happen to a lot of people. You know how much they made out of that high taxation all those years ago? Nothing. But they sent a mass of incredible brains to America.

"We've got three-and-a-half million layabouts laying about on benefits, and I'm 76, getting up at 6am to go to work to keep them. Let's get everybody back to work so we can save a couple of billion and cut tax, not keep sticking it on.

"Brown's never been elected by anybody. I'm supposed to be in a country where I get the chance to elect someone and I'm around here at the most dangerous of times led by a man who's never been elected. You've gotta be elected.

"A political party that's in too long is like a piece of meat – if it's there too long it will go rotten and they've gone rotten and they've gotta go."


subrosa said...

I'm not a great fan of Michael Caine but his line about getting up at 6am to pay for idlers to stay in their beds is so true. Will his words reach the correct ears? Possibly, but the ears won't hear.

Anonymous said...

“I'm every bourgeois nightmare - a Cockney with this intelligence and a million dollars”
A socialist's nightmare more like!

He'd certainly make a better MP than Glenda friggin' Jackson...
“I said blow the bloody division doors off”

"You're a big Scotsman, but you're in bad shape. With me it's a full time job. Now behave yourself."

Chalcedon said...

Michael Caine talks sense and a lot of people know it.

Anonymous said...

But... I bet a lot of people don't know THAT!

Jan J. said...

Yes, Michael, all 3.5 million of them are loafers and deserve to be jobless. Now take your medication like a good boy and lay off desecrating your own image as a folk hero any further (and God knows prostituting yourself in some of the worst films ever made was bad enough).

Anonymous said...

Ya know... I'm friggin' living in a nightmare and can't wake up... If it's not Susan Boyle idolatry... it's someone like JanJ telling me to keep getting my arse out of bed every morning... self employed... 20 years without a break exceeding 3 days... not one day off bleedin' sick... pay my taxes... so the Chavs can watch 24hour Sky TV.

I'm not sure what Michael prefers for his medication... but mine comes in a pint glass and pack of twenty... pack of 3 when I'm not too tired.