Tuesday, 14 April 2009

William Hill - Brown Odds On To Be Gone In 2010.

From William Hill:
WITH GORDON BROWN once again under pressure, William Hill make him a 2/7 shot to cease to be Prime Minister during 2010, and offer 5/2 that he will go during 2009. He is 33/1 to go in 2011 and 25/1 in 2012.

Harriet Harman is 4/1 favourite to succeed Brown as Labour Leader with Hills who also offer 6/1 Alan Johnson; 7/1 Ed Miliband; David Miliband; 8/1 Jon Crudass; James Purnell. 'There is plenty of political betting money around - but not much of it is being staked on anything positive for Gordon Brown' said Hill's spokesman Garahm, Sharpe.

Meanwhile, Hills say that Labour are now the longest odds they have been since Gordon Brown came to power to win the most seats at the next General Election, at odds of 7/2, while the Conservatives are red hot favourites at 1/6.
Hills have also seen money for a Hung Parliament as a result of the next General Election, shortening the odds about that from 5/2 to 2/1.
Can you believe that Harman is favourite to take over from Brown? - talk about political suicide.


bed123 said...

It’s difficult now to avoid the growing sense that the British Labour Party is on the cusp of one of its periodic three-term peregrinations to the political wilderness. If an all-consuming economic cataclysm, which, if Brown didn’t exactly create, he certainly didn’t anticipate, and a still lingering anger over Iraq wasn’t enough, then the latest glimpse into the dark heart of New-Labour’s smear machine, will almost certainly consign them to as long a spell in dismal Opposition as the Tories have just endured.

Andrew Allison said...

He's on his way out this year, Steve. I've written about it tonight. Brown has knifed too many people over the years. Now they are back to return the favour.

Anonymous said...

Well, they elected Foot and Kinnock didn't they?

Chalcedon said...

No, no, no!!!! That nice Harridan Harperson is just perfect for Labour leader. It will remain unelectable for at least a decade.