Tuesday, 12 May 2009

David Cameron - Expenses video. Real Leadership.

David Cameron shows how to lead:


Anonymous said...

Yesm a very good statement of intent, and a genuine apology for the actions of some Conservative MPs.
what a constract to Brown's utterancies. No apologies from him about the actions of Labour MPs - only a generalised 'apology' through gritted teeth for MPs (unspecified).

James Higham said...

Good to see you posting again.

Stonemason. said...

Has DC started to put the "Great" back into Britain. What a difference to mealy mouthed apologists in the Labour Party.

David Davies in the Telegraph was ok too.

Anonymous said...

Are you mad this isn't an apology, this is a political gimmick saying we're paying are expenses back we're the good guys. Btw did i forget to mention that i myself took
£148,000 in expenses including £680 to get wisteria from my chimney!