Thursday, 14 May 2009

David Cameron's Competent Leadership for Dummies.

Once again David Cameron has shown Gordon Brown how to be a leader. The resignation of Andrew MacKay was no doubt demanded by Cameron - and it will probably not be the last. Brown has once again been left to look the ditherer.

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Obnoxio The Clown said...

Oh, come ON! Resigning as an aide is hardly a frickin' punishment, now is it? If he'd removed the whip from both of them and chucked them into the street, THAT would have been leadership.

Daily Referendum said...


I don't think Cameron has finished with them. For a start:

"Mr MacKay has also agreed to appear in front of the scrutiny panel to discuss how much of the allowance should be paid back."

Cameron has warned his MPs that refusal to appear in front of the scrutiny panel will mean immediate withdrawal of the whip.

CryBaby said...

I agree he's putting gordon brown to shame.

Let's not forget how this very government terrorised the good people of Britain for tax payments. Don't even get me started on the benefit-seeking immigration scum we've all been funding.

Anyway, nothing short of paybacks, resignations, heads rolling, naming and shaming, jail etc will be sufficient. Punishments need to be harsh, just like the harshness they show when collecting taxes!

I believe that this has thrown the whole tax system into disrepute and could cause a major rebellion if MPs dont understand the seriousness of it and act accordingly.

Dissolve parliament, or called a general election or Michael Martin to resign. They are just making things worse by not doing any of the major things.

James Higham said...

I seem to recall that design.

Anonymous said...

Fraud is not a matter for the internal diciplinary actions of the party or Commons, but for the police and the CPS. If they can bring charges, then a criminal trial should follow, as it would for any other member of the public. Cameron's duty is therefore to put the case of Mr.MacKay and Julie Kirkbride to the police. Nothing else will do.