Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Gordon Brown is full of crap. Expenses my arse.

Gordon Brown has made yet another statement on the subject of MPs ripping off the taxpayer through their expenses. And what a load of old crap it is. He has said:
"No minister will be in the cabinet or in the government in future if it is proven that they defied the rules."
Well pump bloody pump. He has spent months defending his MPs saying that they haven't broken the rules. And they haven't broken the rules, so his statement is totally and utterly pointless and just more Brown spin. How can you break rules that allow you to do almost anything?

Brown should have said:
"No minister will be in the cabinet or in the government in future if it is proven that they have used and abused the rules for personal monetary gain."
Not likely though is it?

Sorry about the language, but Brown's incompetence and continual spin makes my blood boil.


Oliver Drew said...

Well, if he is to abide by those rules then Darling, Hoon and Blears are out straight away for starters aren't they!

You're right. He is full of s***.

Sue said...

What about Jackboot Jacqui, porno and plugs definitely against the rules!

The Boiling Frog said...

Sorry for slightly hijacking the thread but here's my similar sentiments expressed via youtube set to Piggies by the Beatles.

(My first attempt at such a thing, so apologies for the mistakes)


Anonymous said...

What about the real 'expenses' problem, England paying £2 million an HOUR to the EU!, we are literally paying them to take over our country!, and just how much of that money are they paying Bliar, Brown etc for 'services rendered?' (ie signing England over to them).

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Well said Steve (as always). Never mind the language...

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Lord Elvis. I can't understand how some Labour supporters don't see straight through Brown's spin.