Monday, 25 May 2009

Memorial Day - Thank you.

Today is the day that Americans remember those souls who gave up their lives in service of their country. It is worth remembering that their sacrifice has also enabled our country to remain free.

Thank you.


John Coles said...

Don't get too maudling. We bled and fought for a long time before the USA was forced to declare war on Japan. Even then they did not declare war on Germany before Hitler did so.
Honours are about even. Take a grip.

Daily Referendum said...


Not a very nice comment. I know we do not owe everything to America, but many of them died fighting our enemies.

Gallimaufry said...

Ignore the nonsense about the Yanks turning up late for WW2. America was the arsenal of democracy for us after France fell and gave munitions and food to us freely after we'd exhausted our reserves. The USN took over more and more convoy protection duties, losing ships to U-Boats before Hitler declared war. Could the Americans have done more to sort out what began as a European war when Hitler could and should have been stopped when Germany reoccupied the Rhineland in 1935? But then France (and Britain also) was still numb from her massive WW1losses and was understandably reluctant to fight again. All in all we have an awful lot to be grateful to the Americans for - the American cemetary at Madingly worth a visit to say Thanks Yanks.