Friday, 29 May 2009

Message to MPs - You are not Untouchable - Expenses.

Yesterday saw three MPs announce that they will be stepping down at the next election. The current total of those departing Westminster under a cloud is now running at 10, and it looks more than likely to increase, they are:
Andrew MacKay, Julie Kirkbride, Douglas Hogg, Sir Peter Viggers, Anthony Steen, Sir Nicholas and Ann Winterton, Christopher Fraser, Margaret Moran, Ben Chapman.
The first point I would like to make is that none of them should be stepping down at the General Election - they should all be sacked NOW. Can you name another job where you can be found unfit to hold the position, and yet stay on for another year on full pay? I was going to say it's a joke - but it most certainly is not - these people are still taking our money when they have abused our trust. Every single one of the money grabbing sods should be leaving Westminster with a toe up their arse, not a golden handshake.

And that brings me on to the Cabinet. It is obvious that politicians still don't get it. I'm starting to feel that some MPs believe that they occupy such senior positions, that they are rendered untouchable. They are wrong. If those MPs think they can ride this storm out then they are sorely mistaken. We won't forget and we won't forgive - even after we have taken their jobs from them. We gave them our trust and they pissed on it.

My MP Sir Peter Viggers made some outlandish expense claims (duck island) and yet I'm still paying him. How the hell can this be right. My employee has squandered my money on himself and I can't sack him? This is definitely one rule for us and another for the political elite. Well I for one will not keep quiet like a good little serf. I'm going to keep pushing until those in Westminster realise that we are their equals - not their subjects.


James Higham said...

Yes, people have been making this point - it should be now.

Junius said...

I thought the duck pond wasn't accepted and therefore wasn't paid! If so, should he still stand down if he didn't get paid an allowance, just because he put in a claim? think carefully before you answer!

I am tired of being sidetracked by what I call the minnows - yes they are all to some degree guilty BUT I want the real criminals -the ones that deliberately manipulated the rules for financial gain.

I want action against Darling, Blears and Brown to start with.

All this puny stuff is a distraction.