Saturday, 23 May 2009

MP's Expenses: The truffle kafuffle of 2009

In Iain Dale's new GQ article, he points out that we haven't yet got a name for the expenses scandal. I've seen "Snoutgate" mentioned. I've come up with "The (great) Truffle Kafuffle". Can you think of a more suitable name?


marksany said...




Daily Referendum said...


It's not my money so I'll spend as much as I like-gate.

I wouldn't spend £165 of my own money on a toaster-gate.

John M Ward said...

I wonder whether it will be disclosed that one of them bought a new garden gate on expenses. If so, I'd be tempted to call it Gate-gate :-)

Daily Referendum said...


You must have missed it yesterday. An MP claimed £5000 for a Garden Gate.

IanPJ said...

The 'Rotten Parliament' is one name this is gaining ground.

Falco said...

Prelude to piano wire in G Minor.