Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Power to the People - A beginning?

Something great and historic has happened over the last month or so. Something has changed. It has changed in dribs and drabs, but when put together, the changes have the potential to be highly significant. What has happened is a power grab by the people, from the establishment - and it's all thanks to the media - both old and new.

Two months ago we had a sleazy, dirty element operating out of No10's back office. Thanks to Guido and Iain Dale, that element has been removed. We also suspected that our MPs were fleecing us but we couldn't prove it. Guido and other bloggers did their best to expose those MPs with dodgy expenses, and finally the Telegraph got hold of the truth and we were met with the terrible extent of the troughing. We have expressed our outrage and heads have rolled. Many more will follow.

Today the Speaker Michael Martin had to step down. It wasn't because MPs wanted to see the back of him, it was because the people wanted it. MPs have been forced over the last couple of months to answer to the people who put them in Westminster. They know that party members are sick of the greed and the sleaze, and that those members are more than willing to deselect them. Labour MPs especially know that many of them are going to lose their jobs come the general election unless they can get the people back on side. MPs are making their expenses "transparent" not because they want to, but because we have demanded it.

We have seen a government with a majority lose a vote because they did not understand how the public viewed the matter. We have seen that same government cancel votes for fear of losing more. We have seen policies dropped with u-turn after u-turn. The balance of power is shifting back to the people, and we have the media to thank for it.

What do you think. Are we seeing a transfer of power to the people?


Anonymous said...

Are we eck,they will do what they are good at use time to try and make us forget and hope the brainwashed will go back to watching tv,if it's not in the msm it doesn't exist,so they carry on as usual

Unwilling Serf said...

If only. We, the people, will only have power once we have the power to remove a sitting MP who does not represent our views (recall) or is guilty of defrauding the public purse. As long as an MP is safe, protected by the Party machine or the barrier of incumbency, we will not have democracy.

And remember democracy is only a tool by which we may gain that which we really need - freedom.

Anonymous said...

Am I alone in being worried by MPs who say 'we can't be trusted with our expenses' but then want to spend 100's of billions and run our national debt into trillions

Sean Lynch said...

Brown wants to sell the Royal Mail next to get his hands on some easy money, however this borrowing and spending binge is reaching its natural conclusion now, an impoverished, indebted nation with a begging bowl.

Anonymous said...

Expect a backlash. The sheeple will pay for their impudence.