Friday, 5 June 2009

Bottler Brown strikes yet again. Darling says NO.

Gordon Brown looks to have bottled it again. I think it was a poorly kept secret that he wanted to replace Darling with his mate Balls. Well it looks like Darling, one of the mildest men in Government has told Brown where he can stick it and Brown has backed down. Pathetic. Is that the man running our country? He's having to bribe people to save his political neck.

James Purnell has shown great courage to stand up to Gordon Brown. He obviously has the Labour party's best interests at heart. All the other Ministers seem quite happy to back useless Brown as long as the are getting paid. We are hearing some real crap coming from Labour MPs on the TV this morning about "what's best for the people". I absolutely hate Labour MPs telling me what I want. The polls speak for themselves - we want rid of Labour and Brown - we want an election now - we have lost all faith in the Prime Minister - and those are facts.

I have never seen so many lying, self serving arseholes in my life. They all know that Brown is crap and that he his leading them to a crushing defeat, but they are willing to lie to the cameras just to save their jobs for a few more months.

Well sod them. I wanted rid of Brown because I felt that he deserved to be kicked out for his incompetence. Now I'm glad these idiots are rallying around Brown because he is the Conservative Party's guarantee of a General Election win - more so now because he has been damaged beyond repair.

The bloody fools deserve each other and what they have coming.


rachel said...

I was thinking how to phrase how I feel - but you just did it for me! LOL

CryBaby said...

I reckon all of these ministers backing Brown today will come to regret it. The country will not change its mind based on the words of crooked, untrustworthy MPs who lie anyway.

I can already visualise them backpeddling.

Wurzel said...

Thank God for that !!!!! I saw the picture before I read the text and thought the mad Scotsman had gone and banned beer for a minute.

Man in a Shed said...

If Brown holds on, which is still an if but looking more likely due to the abject cowardice of Labour MPs, then the next 6 months is going to be really nasty.

Brown will go wild trying to change the electoral system and with his most aggressive naked bullying tactics on using the expenses/allowances scandal and trying to smear the Conservatives.

Its going to be a real fight - much like the Downfall of Berlin he'll have to dug out of his bunker is Labour don't managed to depose him.

Daily Referendum said...

I wish I had a penny for every lie I've heard from a Labour MP this morning.

Daily Referendum said...


I owe you a big apology. I've been intending to link to you for a couple of weeks now, but I haven't got around to it. I will try to sort that out today.