Thursday, 11 June 2009

Question time - Peter Hain gets blasted by LDV.

All I will say about Question time this week is to quote one of the audience (LDV employee) who was speaking to Peter Hain:
"You may have forgotten us, but come the next Election, we will not forget you!"
When it becomes available, I will post the link to tonight's programme.

Hat tip The Crown


Lucy said...

I was watching this, and I though that man was absolutely brilliant. He brought the issue of real people suffering at the hands of the Government, and it was truely moving.

What he said is absolutely right...Labour needn't think that they will win back any hearts now.

John M Ward said...

It was a good line.

I think LDV should now stand for "Labour's Destroyed Vote" as a permanent reminder of the consequences of their behaviour when it does come to elections.

Daily Referendum said...


He hit the nail on its head. Did you hear the cheer that went up? You could see Hain cringe. It was a line to destroy Labour.

Daily Referendum said...


Why didn't Labour help LDV? it would have been peanuts to save them. That man killed labour's hopes tonight with one sentence. "we won't forget you".

CROWN said...

I have the clip here

James Higham said...

That's right - we won't.

Dave said...

Assuming we are allowed a free and fair election that is.
Brown has filled his cabinet with unelected ministers from the House of Lords (see Guido's post)
He is trying to manipulate the voting system so that the Tories will be frozen out.
And they are riding roughshod over the electorate's wishes on a change of government, a referendum on Europe, and no to the Euro.
He's Mugabe's star pupil

Man in a Shed said...

Hain says its not a viable industry ! Amazing...

It might not be a viable company, but people are clearly going to keep on buying vans !

Perhaps a big mistake of LDV was to allow itself to get side tracked into the pie in the sky electric vehicle dream.

Sean Lynch said...

Remember everyone, when LDV workers were lobbying at Parliament these
Labour bastards were too preoccupied fighting to remain in power to speak to them, they had to leave without meeting anyone in government.
I think that episode sums up these evil self serving traitorous arsewipes more than any other.
Brown has done nothing and I mean nothing to preserve a single British job except his his own.

King Athelstan said...

The look on Hains face is the best thing I've seen for a long time, nowhere to run to.