Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What should David Cameron say at PMQs tomorrow?

Tomorrow's PMQs has all the makings of a classic for Cameron. Gordon Brown will not be looking forward to it. With that in mind I was wondering if you could come up with any lines for David to use.

Here's my attempt:

Mr speaker I would like to congratulate the Prime Minister for fighting off such a sustained attack on his position. He has shown great character to stand up to his MANY critics after a series of CRUSHING set backs. I would also like to assure the Prime Minister that everyone on this side of the house has had their fingers crossed for him.


Quiet_Man said...

Heh, wish he would.

Scott said...


That just about nails it I'd say.

denverthen said...

"We resign," (Cameron and the entire Tory benches) would be music to my ears. The first time an Opposition rebellion triggered a general election by unilaterally going to the country on the small matter of expenses. We'd love it and Brown would be so bally angry his head would explode. And then we'd get our general election.

A win - win - win scenario for us, then. Of course, there is not one cat in hell's chance of it ever happening, tragically. Cameron's too thick and too much of a woos to do something as spectacular as that.

So we're stuck. Grrrr.

CryBaby said...

He should ask him about what his policy will be to tackle the BNP now that nearly one million voters in Labour controlled areas lost out to them. Doesn't that tell him something about his policies?

In the absence of a general election, he should ask him about the Lisbon treaty referendum and if he's willing to u-turn on his u-turn before its too late?

He should ask him about his cabinet reshuffle and ask him to justify so many unelected members including the tosspot Alan Sugar.

He should ask him if he has a date in mind for the general election as polls show that is what the people want and being the PM, he should listen to the people.

When the Mentalist evades all of those questions, he should just walk over and smack him in the face. I'm sure that will win Cameron a landslide at the general election whenever it comes!

Cameron needs to stop being a pussy and show some balls!

Catosays said...

I rather go for the resignation scenario. Sadly as denverthen says, there's no chance of it happening.

I've composed a little ode which you can view chez Catosays

Daily Referendum said...


The bit about just smacking him in the face made me laugh. If only!

Anonymous said...

He should say, but wont...

*Broon you have NO MANDATE IN ENGLAND!

*The Conservatives will offer a Referendum on EU MEMBERSHIP

*The Conservatives will offer the people on England the same choice as Scotland, Wale and N Ireland, a chance to vote for a English Parliament.

Thus guaranteeing the Conservatives the biggest General Election landslide in History and completely decimating the Labour Regime forever.

Anonymous said...

Cameron should be asking why Brown is trying to gerrymander the voting system,but Cameron won't as he in not a real Conservative,but part of a professional group who call themselves MP's,who get in by saying they would be doing a public service but are too busy filling there boots up with our money.

Sean Lynch said...

He should tell the fat stammering dough faced baffoon that he can stop pretending to be Prime Minister now, we all know Mandleson directs this farce now

Mulligan said...

Probably something like "In the most serious times for our country why is the supposed best place person to lead us out of this economic mess suddenly spending so much effort in trying to reform a well established electoral system and, incidentally, did all these supposed problems in our democracy start in America as well?"

Sean Lynch said...

If those deluded Labour totalitarians think they would get away with changing the voting system BEFORE an election they are madder than any of us believed them to be.
I think given that Orwellian nightmare scenario there might actually be a Revolution !!

James Higham said...

Interesting how wreckers like Mugabe and Brown hang on against all odds.

sexy said...