Saturday, 19 September 2009

Lib Dems - The real party of change!

Lib Dems - The real party of change! - What's this? a Tory supporter agreeing with Nick Clegg that his party is the party of change?

No party is changing more than the Lib Dems. In fact - if you watch their conference this week - you will no doubt see their policies changing with the Bournemouth tides. Vince Cable's much celebrated list of cuts announced this week fly in the face of recent Lib Dem promises to spend £6.7bn on childcare and education (see Straight Talk with Andrew Neil). There are rumours about them dropping their "scrap tuition fees" policy, but who knows? Clegg has been quiet for months, but now, he's not calling for those ordinary Conservative cuts, or fluffy union pleasing Labour cuts - oohh no! - he's calling for savage Lib Dem cuts! - the man is an animal I tell yer, grrrrr...

The Lib Dems are changing so much that many supporters may cry "stop I want to get off".

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subrosa said...

Auch Steve show them a wee bit sympathy. They do have some excellent bloggers you know.