Thursday, 1 October 2009

Gordon Brown gives Adam Boulton a teddy bear stare.

Gordon Brown giving Adam Boulton his best teddy bear stare - before he strops off:

If you want to see the full interview click HERE


sean lynch said...

Only a blind deaf and dumb party like labour could have such an incompetent leader and for inflicting this hapless maladjusted malcontent on Britain they should never form a government ever again.
This 'government' is now a twitching corpse, why should we, the voting public have to wait until half way through next year to deliver the coup de grace.

Wurzel said...

@sean lynch "Twitching corpse" isn't really the best analogy. That indicates some remaining signs of life and most decent folks would try to save it.

Put it out of it's - and our - misery now.

DD said...

I really hope that sean's opening comment is not a pun on GB's disability. I would equate such demeanour with Nazi anti-disability elitism. I think its evident that Sky news (same group as the Sun hence the trillion references to the rag) are bent on baiting Brown, and that to announce the interview is over, and then try and pull him back is a ridiculous attempt to physically embarrass him. If ordinary working ppl vote him out, I hope they get what is coming to them. Their ignorance will bring no bliss.

Daily Referendum said...


I should delete that rubbish, but I think I will let people read it and make up their own minds.

He tried to pull him back because Brown was about to start another interview - and not only that - he was fastened to the chair by his microphone - which he ripped off when he stropped off. Thus making a right tit of himself.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with DD.

Boulton was clearly trying to embarrass Brown, something he was trying his best to do throughout that interview.

I'm not particularly a fan of Brown, but I preferred the time when our political journalists at least tried to act impartially.

I'm thinking of quitting my Sky subscription after that.
What is Newscorps agenda? And why are they so keen to get involved in our politics? What do they contribute to our society apart from manipulation? What did Blair and Cameron have to give to get Rupert's support?