Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I'll wear a Brown tie to work when I'm 65.

George Osborne's announcement that the age of retirement will rise to sixty six gave me an idea. On my sixty fifth birthday, if I'm working in an office by then, I'll go to work in a brown tie - and I'll wear it for that final year. That way I will never forget what Gordon Brown and Labour did to this country. If anyone asks, I'll tell them "I'm doing my Brown year".


Anonymous said...

"I'll wear a Brown tie to work when I'm 65."

... and I'll wear my white Y-Fronts with Brown skid-marks.

Daily Referendum said...


You'll have to wear them over your trollies to get the desired effect.

Ross Warren said...

Would it have been better if it had come as a request from the queen? In which case I imagine we would have be proud to do a final year for the Crown. I know O would.

Daily Referendum said...


I think many will accept this extra year as a duty.

Anonymous said...

You'll be working at 65?


Anonymous said...

You'll be wearing a tie at work?