Friday, 16 October 2009

No10 petition - Stop climate change TV ad propaganda designed to frighten our children.

From The Guardian:

The advertising regulator has received more than 200 complaints that the government's latest TV campaign on climate change is misleading.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change launched the £6m campaign, in which the government throws its weight behind the scientific evidence that climate change is man-made and will affect us all, last Friday.

The campaign, by ad agency AMV BBDO, marked a significant change in the government's marketing around its umbrella Act on CO2 initiative. The DECC said it has taken the stronger approach because research has shown that more than half of the UK public think climate change will have no effect on them.

However, over the past week the Advertising Standards Authority has received 202 complaints about the campaign (click on the drowning dog to watch the video).
No10 petition - Stop climate change TV ad propaganda designed to frighten our children:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop wasting taxpayers' money on climate change propaganda designed to frighten our children.

The government's latest TV advertisement on climate change is pure propaganda designed to frighten our children. Showing kids a puppy drowning in the centre of what looks like a British town is beyond fiction. It shows a weakness of argument for a government to have to resort to fear to bring the public "in line". This advertisement should be pulled immediately.

In the current economic climate, surely the government can find something better to spend six million pounds of taxpayers' money on.

Click HERE to sign the petition.


marksany said...


I am fed up with the government scaring my kids.

Any news on the next bloggers' piss-up?

Daniel1979 said...


Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Mark,

I'll try and come up with a suitable date.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Daniel

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subrosa said...

I'm off to sign this. The whole climate change issue is worrying. I've just blogged on Christopher Monckton's speech in America when he asks everyone to read the treaty which will be signed in Copenhagen in a few weeks time.

We really must get our heads out of the sand and QUICKLY.

Alex Cull said...

Signed! Let's hope it really does send a message.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Alex!