Friday, 19 February 2010

Chris Bryant MP tweets a lie about Tory PPC Rory Stewart.

You may have seen that on last night's Question Time the panel were ask to discuss whether Jan Moir's offensive Stephen Gately article should have been published. The general consensus of the panel was that while the article was grossly inappropriate it should not be illegal to publish it. However after last night's show Labour MP Chris Bryant posted the following on twitter:

This is simply a lie. Rory Stewart specifically said that when he said that satire should be allowed he was NOT talking about the Stephen Gatley article. Rory did not defend the article, he - like the majority of the panel - defended her right to publish it.

When I replied to Chris Bryant that his tweet was a lie, he did not apologise, or say "sorry I misunderstood what Rory said". No, he said this instead:
@Daily_Ref @TheRedRag So remind me of a single word he used tocondemn jan moir's grossly insensitive piece?
I despair that some Labour MPs think that it is OK to use Twitter smear the opposition for pure political advantage. Judge for yourself whether you think Chris Bryant lied about Rory Stewart's comments on the Moir article: Click HERE to watch the show (56 minutes in).


King Athelstan said...

Thats disgraceful, he manifestly did not defend the article, but did say it would be wrong to censor it. Pretty much what Roy Hattersley said in fact!

Graeme Archer said...

Well said. Bryant's tweet is rubbish, and a smear.

D Evans said...

Chris Bryant is the worst kind of poltician, he is an arrogant smear merchant. There is no issue, no depth he will sink to, to try and score cheap political points. Pathetic little man.

Daily Referendum said...

Eric Pickles said Labour would fight a dirty campaign, but I didn't expect MPs to start smearing opponents in public.

Rob said...

Oh that I could vote the contemptible sod out of office. I would give anything to see him have a Portillo moment on polling night. Sadly his constituency (Which I live in) would vote for a sheep on the mountain if you pinned a red rosette on it.

Glyn H said...

Is that the twerp who, despite being an MP though it appropriate to offer himself, WITH PHOTO, on a gay dating website? Will no one ever again resign in shame?
We can now all agree that free speech is against Labour policy. Unless you agree with them. Oh the delights of the authoritarian left. The Brown youth next? Led by Balls?

Arden Forester said...

Chris Bryant used to be a cleric of sorts. To say he was unfrocked is untrue. No frock could hide his sins it seems.

Bryant is a very distasteful kind of politician. He has a smarmy exterior and takes a delight in being nasty to others he has issue with. That Gordon Brown thinks he is fit for front bench duties defies all things!

Anonymous said...

Bryant has always been a little shit. He's a fear-monger, a liar, and is also most likely jealous that Rory is about 1,000 times more intelligent than him. One from the archives on his particular brand of nastiness.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Keir Hardie really intended his party to be represented by such a collection of vile, mendacious cnuts.

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