Friday, 19 March 2010

Four Lib Dem MPs are forced to repay dodgy Second Home rents.

What did Nick Clegg say at his spring conference about Lib Dems being paragons of virtue over the expenses scandal? "So don’t let them tell you we are all the same because it isn’t true."

From the BBC:
Four Lib Dem MPs have been told to apologise and repay money after breaching Commons rules over payments relating to their second homes.

They accepted one-off cash payments from the owners of an apartment block close to Parliament in return for agreeing to pay higher rent levels.

The four are: Richard Yonger-Ross John Barrett, Sandra Gidley, Paul Holmes.

The Lib Dems said their MPs acted promptly to refer their cases while MPs from other parties affected had not.
Let's get this straight: From the BBC report it sounds very much like their Landlord offered these Lib Dem MPs a wad of cash (for them to pocket) if they agreed to an increase in their rent - rent that we are paying for.

Why aren't the Police looking into this? It seems very clear to me that they took a BUNG to allow their landlord to fleece the taxpayer - nice.

Nick Clegg should sack then immediately.

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