Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hypocritical? Atheist Nick Clegg asks for the Christian vote.

How can Nick Clegg, a self professed Atheist, ask Christians to vote for the Lib Dems? What he is basically saying is "I don't believe in your God, or the teachings of Christ, but please vote for me". I don't mind Clegg asking every single person in this country to vote for him, but I find it more than just a little hypocritical to directly appeal to a group that has beliefs that he sees as fantasy. You could watch this video and never know that Clegg does not believe in God.

Would you vote for a potential Prime Minister who doesn't believe in God?
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Anonymous said...

With respect Steve, why wouldn't they?

None of the party leaders is muslim or hindu or anything else and they ask for everyone vote.

None is black, but they want black votes.

Is Mr Brown a Christian, is David Cameron.

Jim Murphy tried to get the protestant vote by bigging up the orangemen, then he went to the Vatican to ask the Pope to visit Scotland (mistake as it turns out, as it's like asking the plague to visit).

I don't really see why Nick shouldn't ask Christians to vote Liberal.

Daily Referendum said...


Like I said in my post I don't mind Clegg asking for anyone's vote based on the fact that they are all citizens. However, I do think that to directly appeal to Christians when he does not believe in their faith is hypocritical.

If he had started with "I'm an Atheist, but..." then he would have been more honest.

David said...

Hypocrisy? Mr Clegg, unlike Mr Brown, for instance was simply encouraging Christians to get involved in politics, not making a party political broadcast. He didn't make one reference to why Christians should vote for Lib Dems.

If you don't realise that the other leaders were dropping Christian references simply to give the impression they had some sort of faith then you're living in cloud cuckoo land. Oh, and the reason they feel they have to do this is because of "faith" influenced knee jerk reactions such as your on this blog.

So in fact the reality is just about the opposite of what you say it is. But, hey the man's an Atheist (which he has openly admitted at other times)...he can't possibly be expected to treat everybody fairly right? Pleaaaase. This is the sort of playing with the facts that drives people, me included, away from faith.

I seem to remember Jesus saying something about people who called Lord but not living out his teachings. This suggests to me that labels and beliefs were not important to him. Only actions and attitudes. Perhaps it's time for Christians to start taking those thoughts seriously.

Anonymous said...

Aye David, there's nothing as unchristian as some Christians.

I accompanied my mum to a sevice at her church recently, and got chatting to some of the old dears that were there.

The church had, very reasonably, just set up a place for single mums in the town to go and learn about bringing up thier babies, and one woman to whom we were talking was complaining about a wasting money on "people like that"...

And that inside the church building.... I wonder if she'd ever read her Bible or understood a single word Christ had ever said.

How I hate the way that Jesus Christ is used sometimes.

David said...

You're right Tris. Their ARE christians who are more concerned about actions than doctrines, but unfortunately there are many who think they have a monopoly on morality simply based on the fact that they believe the bible to be God's word. It is an unfounded, unproven spiritual one upmanship...totally against anything that Jesus is supposed to have said.

You can't have a fair system of government based on issues of faith anyway. If something is right then it needs to have a good explanation of why it is right, not simply a bible or koranic or whatever quotation.

Mhess said...

How christian of you to look down at someone because of what they think. The only hypocrite I see is you posting on this blog. I do not believe in god, does that make me a bad person? Of course not. I am not delusional enough to believe that some grey-haired father figure that lives in the sky some how knows everything that I do and will throw me into hell if I disobey his mighty words. I do not have a problem with you believing so.

Anonymous said...

Mhess... who you talking about?