Friday, 28 September 2007

Sunderland win gives Conservatives a 6.2% lead over Labour.

Carrying on from my earlier post Can the Conservatives win the 2007 General Election?, there has been some very good news for the Conservatives. Last night the Conservatives won a by-election victory, taking a seat from Labour on Sunderland Council.

There were nine by-elections held with the results for the Mansfield District Council by-election still outstanding. Sunderland's Washington East seat by-election saw a 3.7% swing from Labour to the Tories. Also there was a 5.5% swing on the Kent County Council from Labour to Conservatives, and they successfully defended control of Cheshire County Council.

BBC political correspondent Sean Curran said analysis of the eight by-elections suggested that nationally the Tories should have a lead over Labour of 6.2%. This lead would see a hung parliament, and we've still to have our conference which could see a bounce for us.

It is not over yet, remember: It's time for a change.


James Higham said...

Steve - it's time you were preselected, methinks and I'm being serious. The party needs more talent.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks James, but I'm afraid I would be out of my depth. I'm pretty new to this game and I've a hell of a lot to learn. I'm too scared to go on 18 Doughty Street!



Anonymous said...

So whats with the opinion polls and that cadaver Tebbit?

Daily Referendum said...


They are both irrelevant.