Saturday, 24 November 2007

General Lord Guthrie - Our defence has been underfunded for years.

I've just had the pleasure of reading General Lord Guthrie's excellent article on the Telegraph website. The article is entitled: "Our defence has been underfunded for years." Lord Guthrie makes it very clear that unless funding is immediately increased to our Armed Forces, we could see them seriously damaged for some time to come. Here is a small extract of the Generals article:

Lately, ministers have been boasting about the extra money that has been produced for defence, but whatever has happened, it is woefully inadequate as far as running the Services today is concerned. It is not a matter for self-congratulation.
We find ourselves in a very dangerous world at the moment. Long gone are the days when we could remain safe in our own country, isolated from troubles elsewhere.
If the Government is really serious about defence and security, as the Prime Minister clearly said last week, funding must be properly increased or the Government will seriously damage one of the state's greatest assets beyond quick repair.

You can read the full article by clicking HERE. Please take time to read the comments section, they are as insightful as the article itself.

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