Sunday, 20 January 2008

Name and shame MPs voting for the EU Reform Treaty.

First things first - I will be posting a list of all MPs who vote in favour of ratifying the EU Reform Treaty tomorrow. I hope that all those bloggers who, like myself believe that government are welching on their promise of a referendum, do the same. It would also be in the interest of the country if those people who read political blogs emailed the list to their contacts. Any MP voting for the EU Treaty will be neglecting their solemn duty to represent their constituents and they will be betraying the people who voted for them. Any MP behaving in such a manner does not deserve to be a member of parliament in a democracy, and I hope that they are never again allowed to work in politics after the next election. If your MP votes against your wishes on matter of such great personal and national interest, then that person is denying you your democratic rights.

Today the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has reported that the foreign policy in the treaty was virtually the same as in the constitution:

'We conclude that there is no material difference between the provisions on foreign affairs in the constitutional treaty, which the government made subject to approval in a referendum, and those in the Lisbon treaty on which a referendum is being denied.'
The European Scrutiny Committee has said the treaty is virtually the same as the failed constitution. The leaders of all the other EU member states have said the treaty is virtually the same as the failed constitution. The writer of the EU Reform Treaty has said it is virtually the same as the failed constitution. The Conservatives and other major UK political parties have said that the treaty is virtually the same as the failed constitution. In fact the only people on the entire planet who say different are Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and their respective parties. Someone is lying to us - who do you think it is?

MPs should be made very aware that they will lose their seats if they vote in favour of ratifying this treaty.


Shades said...

I'll be picking this up. Where are you getting the list from? Is it ones who have already signalled their intent?

My Watermelon MP is standing down in order to give Ed "Blinky" Balls a seat after boundary changes. I don't know his views as his website hasn't been updated in 18 months and he worries about climate change to the detriment of everything else.

Daily Referendum said...


The list will come from the "They work for you" website. It may take a few days for how each MP votes tomorrow to be published. I'm lucky enough to have a Conservative MP. If my MP was Labour or Lib Dem and they voted for this treaty, I would be livid.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you will be the only doing that (not complaining), have been tryiong to find data on which MP's take direct funding from which Unions (can't find anything) as the TUC voted in favour of a referendum as well. Lying to get elected is one thing, voting against TUC agreed policy whist taking Union money is quite another

Anonymous said...

Free Europe - vote YES at!