Monday, 26 May 2008

100% of bets are for Miliband to replace Brown.

David MilibandFrom William Hill:

William Hill are seeing an old fashioned gamble on David Miliband to become the leader of the Labour party and are now 5/2 that he succeeds Gordon Brown. "What started as a trickle has turned into a flood, 100% of wagers accepted on the next leader market have been for David Miliband. The last time we saw a gamble like this on a political leadership market it was for David Cameron and we all know what happened then."

Hills are now 6/5 that Gordon Brown will NOT lead the labour party into the next General Election, for which the Conservatives are the 2/7 favourites. Hills have also seen a nibble for the 12/1 on offer that the General Election will be before the end of 2008!

Runners and riders odds HERE.


Anonymous said...

Remember Michael Foot was English. I think the present leader is the best man for job. Not many people can recover from losing an eye and get double first, (two for each eye). Not many people can lose a child and still keep mentally strong. Not many people can beat Blair after 12 years to be PM. He has great mentla sterngth and intelligence. And has faced many issues that would crush most people. Milliband is just a boy compared to this Man.
We need a strong intelligent leader, not a boy.

Anonymous said...

"Not many people can lose a child and still keep mentally strong."

Go shaft yourself! Thousands of people every year lose children and have to cope with it. Most of them manage it incredibly well; I have no idea how, but they do. To imply that it's a trait only your beloved Gordon has is insulting to any parents who have ever lost a child and have tried to get over it.