Friday, 9 May 2008

Boris Johnson agrees partnership with Mayor Bloomberg.

Could the partnership deal that Boris has entered into with his New York counterpart Michael Bloomberg be the beginning of a new, bright future for London? Bloomberg's record as the man who gets it right in New York is well known. Any advice Boris takes from his new American partner will no doubt benefit the residents of London.

Boris has definitely hit the ground running.


Anonymous said...

Boris is pure systemic weed killer for the Left.

Socialists have a deep down inferiority complex, with a chip on the shoulder big enough to feed Africa. What's more, they think that we love them BECAUSE they are switched on, caring, socialists.

Anybody, especially the working class, who believes that their 'comrades' have only their best interests at heart, is in for a severe shock. If I'm honest, in my career and private life, respect and encouragement has mostly come from the middle and upper-middle classes.

My point being... most people, would probably put Boris on their party, birthday, God-father, best mate list. The photo of him turning up at the Sikh festival in Trafalgar Square gives the impression that people actually want him there.

I believe he's a lucky politician...not in the Blair way... and will be forgiven an awful lot. If he actually makes a real success of his job as mayor, then, like a Dick Whittington of the 21st century, he will become legend... and hopefully bury the Labour Party for generations to come.

Boris's only enemy is a socialist with a bullet... or himself.

Daily Referendum said...

Spot on Harry. I also believe that Boris will be great for London.