Sunday, 4 May 2008

Gordon Brown 6/5 to be out by Next General Election.

Press release from William Hill:

William Hill are now just 6/5 that Gordon Brown will not be the Labour leader at the start of the next General Election and offer 8/13 that he is leader. "The news just gets worse for Gordon Brown. When he took over we were 20/1 that he would not lead Labour into the next Election, a price that has plummeted all the way to 6/5. David Miliband is the favourite to take over from Gordon but there is a fair amount of smart money that Jack Straw will be the next leader on the assumption that Labour will struggle the next time they go to the country," said Hill's spokesman Rupert Adams.

G Brown To Be Labour Leader At The Next Election: 8/13 Yes, 6/5 No

Next General Election: 4/9 Conservatives, 13/8 Labour


2/1 D MILIBAND, 5/1 E BALLS, 7/1 A JOHNSON, 10/1 J PURNELL, 10/1 J STRAW, 14/1 A BURNHAM, 14/1 J DENHAM, 16/1 D ALEXANDER, 16/1 E MILIBAND, 16/1 H BENN, 16/1 Y COOPER, 20/1 H HARMAN, 25/1 C FLINT, 25/1 D BROWNE, 25/1 R KELLY, 33/1 A MILBURN, 33/1 C CLARKE, 33/1 J SMITH, 50/1 A DARLING.

Ken Livingstone to get a full time job as a bendy bus driver - 200/1


Mulligan said...

Looking at the list of runners and riders, short of him going totally loopy and being carried out by the men in white coats, I doubt there is much chance of Brown being replaced before an election.

Cooper 16/1 to be PM? She is lucky to be employed at all.

Daily Referendum said...


I've got to disagree. I think he will be gone soon.

Anonymous said...

Everything is fine. I'm not going anywhere.

Daily Referendum said...

Oh yes you are.

Mulligan said...


On one hand I hope your right, as I just can't stand Brown, on the other hand another leader might yet manage to keep this shower in government for another term.

Daily Referendum said...

Travis that is true, but I do think they have been tarred with the same brush. They need a relative unknown.

Anonymous said...

Gordon brown, the unelected prime minister is the most dangerous man the people of this country has had to face. He willfully forced the price of food and all goods transported throughout this island by imposing unnecessary fuel taxes at a time when the people of this land were reeling from the mortgage crisis. a true patriotic elected prime minister would be helping the people, get him out of office now

Anonymous said...

Brown now supports a referendum.