Sunday, 4 May 2008

Gordon Brown interviews - Andrew Marr and Adam Boulton

This morning Gordon "Mavis" Brown is trying to repair the massive damage he has done to the Labour party. He is facing a "stalking horse" and a Cabinet plot to get rid of him. He's been on the Andrew Marr show (33mins in) already and to be honest Andrew actually stuck it to him for a change. I had to laugh when Gordon said "I feel your pain". He had the cheek to make out that he had it rough during his childhood - what a bare faced lie - the man is from a wealthy family and wouldn't know rough if it punched him in the nose in a Taxi rank. Andrew asked him what new policies he had or which ones he would change to make life better for voters. Gordon had nothing. Nothing but waffle about how great he has been and that he was the right man to lead the country. I think the people have quite clearly stated that they don't share his high opinion of himself.

Brown is now on SKY being interviewed by Adam Boulton and if anything Adam is giving him a harder time than Andrew Marr did. If I hear the "when I get up in the morning" line once more... Oh and the "when I travel around the country". Adam asked Brown if he thought he could beat Cameron in the next election. He said "of course" and then came out with a very unfortunate line: "the people have held a referendum on the government". Not the referendum we really want though is it? Lisbon anyone? Adam did get a little bite out of Gordon when he attacked his Cabinet, saying it was weak when compared to the Tory alternative. You could definitely hear the anger in Brown's voice.

What was Brown thinking when he agreed to these interviews? Did he think he was in for an easy time? Did he think his usual waffle about the last ten years would see him bluff his way through. Brown once again dropped the ball and underestimated the level of scrutiny he would be put under this morning. He had nothing prepared. Nothing.

These interviews will have only spurred on those in his party who now think he is a liability that must be removed.

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Anonymous said...

I am rapidly beginning to despair of ever finding an objective and fact based blog, or comment on the issues this nation faces.
I am not a labour voter and I would never vote tory even if my childrens lives depended on it.
I am however from a back ground with the older values of fair play and tolerance.
This brings me to my point. I am sick and tired of the media thinking they can make up my mind for me. I have a mind of my own and I do not need to be brow beaten into voting for a party that has been chosen for us by the owner of the channel or newspaper.
I want the facts and not the opinion of the interviewer. I want to be able to hear the answers in full not cut short as soon as the details become unpalitable to the interviewer. Yes ask all the hot questions of the day. Yes dont take a waffled evasion for an answer but please please dont put your words into my mouth.
In an age where we complain about the lack of normal people in it any wonder?
Who in their right mind would want to be treated like our leaders are treated nowadays. How many decent worthy representatives have been put off from contributing to our society by what they see as a truely hostile bear pit of the media circus?
I long for the day when you can switch on a TV and just get the facts, News not views, reasoned argument not playground bullying.
What has happened to the fair minded British people that we have let these people run all over us and our opinions.
Ian Huntley would be treated better than our PM.
Please be inquiring and be sceptical but do not stiffle debate or argument just to out muscle J Paxman for the bully of the airwaves award......oh and Adam your manhood is not enhanced by competing for the title of most odious interviewer award.