Friday, 2 May 2008

Gordon Brown - Your members don't believe you.

Over on Labour's website, there is a message from Gordon Brown (listen and lead). Unfortunately for Gordon, someone forgot to turn the comments off. He's getting it right in the neck from the (ex) party faithful.

Warning it is not pretty. Here's a small sample:

To late! You won't! You haven't! I used to support Labour......You ignored me and no doubt thousands like me. My wife has just picked up her pay packet and guess what you've been into that. She takes home a miserly £708 per month but you want that.

See how Gordon's words have gone down with Labour supporters by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

The law of averages in this and the last local elections in England,
would say that many councillors who have lost their seats were also sitting on regional assemblies. Why have we never heard of replacements or appointments to these un elected assemblies?

Daily Referendum said...

Good question.

kate said...

Nobody should believe Brown. A year or so ago i was thinking of joining the labour party but gradually i have come to my senses. Not saying im a tory but labour have ruined us or should i say Gordon brown. When Blair was leaving there should have been a general election. I didnt want him running our country and didnt get the chance to vote. The truth of the matter is that labour thought/think they know best when clearly the results over the last couple of days shows that people disagree.
I cant even comment on what they do to peoples pay packets steve as the air could turn extremly blue

Anonymous said...

My aren't all the little trots cross. HHAHAHAHAHAHA

Daily Referendum said...


This is what Brown fears. He doesn't like it when the people get to vote. What do we know. I hope he is forced to give us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Then he will know what defeat is.

Daily Referendum said...


I feel sorry for them. They believed in the dream and couldn't let go when it turned into a nightmare.