Saturday, 3 May 2008

Labour can win fourth election - yeah - right.

Apparently Jack Straw is going around telling anyone who will listen that Labour can win a fourth election. It's not impossible, but it is improbable. Jack, and many other Labour ministers believe it was the 10p tax that "did them in." When that is sorted they are hoping all will be well and the nation will once again love Gordon and Labour. Not a chance. Do these politicians live in a different world to us? Do they really believe that we have such short memories? Labours' problems go much deeper than the 10p tax debacle, and so does public contempt for them.

I'm just a blogger; I'm not a journalist or a politician. I'm just your average working man. I live in the real world and not the political one where everyone has the memory of a goldfish. And I know why I and many other former Labour supporters despise this government so:

There are many who are angered about Gordon Brown's undemocratic refusal to allow us a vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

I'm angry about my local hospital closing.

I'm angry about my local police station being shut at night.

I'm angry about Labour MPs campaigning to keep post offices open in their constituencies - only to vote to close them in parliament.

I'm angry about paying more and more tax, only to see our public services decline.

I'm angry that I had to worry about my wife catching a fatal disease while in hospital giving birth to my son recently.

I'm angry that I'm paying more and more council tax while my bin is full of maggots and stinking.

I'm angry that car tax is going through the roof when I know for a fact that the money raised will not be used to fix the roads, reduce congestion, improve public transport, "save the planet" - or some other crap.

I'm angry when I'm told that the price of food and fuel is so high because of a global economic downturn. If that is true why are petroleum companies and supermarkets publishing record profits?

I'm angry about having to stand outside to smoke in a shelter with no sides. What is the bloody point of that when non-smokers never go in there?

I'm angry with the nanny state.

I'm angry with the surveillance state.

I'm tired of being laughed at for working and paying taxes by scum who believe it is their right to never work while knocking out as many kids as they like. I don't mind working hard and paying taxes, but I do expect to see that money well spent.

The list goes on and on. Ten years of Labour government and this country is the laughing stock of Europe. It is no wonder that millions are deciding to leave for a better life elsewhere. It's not just the 10p tax Jack. You can do what you like: Get rid of Gordon, have a Cabinet reshuffle, design a new party logo and rename yourselves the new listening and leading Labour party - it will not matter one iota.

You’re gone. We really have had enough of you and your socialist crap.


Mulligan said...

The Labour stance is hilarious, they got clobbered for DOUBLING THE TAX RATE of lowest earners, yet the economic genius responsible (don't even metion gold or pensions) is the best placed person in world to steer us through the current INTERNATIONAL crisis.

They really are incredibly stupid or in serious denial.

Daily Referendum said...


I think they are just desperate.

Anonymous said...

My God Steve... what sort of rant would you have posted if Labour had done well in the local elections? I'm glad my pessimism proved a load of old bollox. Well done the Conservatives... and Boris.

My main concern, is that Labour are now capable of doing absolutely ANYTHING to stay in power.

Daily Referendum said...


Oops! it was a bit of a rant.

And yes, they will spin and lie like never before.

Thud said...

I intended to live and die in this country...not's been destroyed beyond repair and I feel angry at those in nulabour who have driven me to leave.

Anonymous said...

Im getting ready for 2010. I`m setting up a fund to buy BBC HQ champagne. They like celebrating elections.

Daily Referendum said...


If it wasn't for family I'd be long gone.

Daily Referendum said...


Like it.