Friday, 9 May 2008

The Mirror - Brian Reade, how desperate can you get?

I've just read the most biased, pathetic, class envying, scaremongering piece of drivel of an article written by a journalist desperate to stop Labour entering its death throes.

If you want to see how bad things are for Labour, click HERE to see how desperate Brian Reade is getting and how low he will stoop.


Mulligan said...

Ah the old class warfare card.

How sweet

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Satire descends into farce. What a complete maroon - it's his party that are bring this about.

Still Friday pm - a good laugh to start the weekend.

Anonymous said...

No one reads the Mirror.

which is a pity since every time someone mentions Eton, the tory lead seems to go up by 2 points.

Daily Referendum said...

They just don't get it do they?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

NOTICE TO ALL PASSING SOCIALISTS READING STEVE'S BLOG... Hookie's late parents... my mum, bless her heart, was an orphaned farm girl who went into domestic service for the Jenson (i.e. cars) family. My dad worked in the paint shops of the Austin Motor Co. until he was offered a job as cannon fodder by King & Country.

They would have argued from life's experiences, that socialists are definitely not the friends of the working classes. I would go further... you're SCUM.