Saturday, 24 May 2008

Poll: When should Gordon Brown step down?

It is obvious that Gordon Brown is out of favour with the public and a growing number of his own party. Many pundits are saying that he must go. The question is when?

When should Gordon Brown step down?
-As soon as possible.
-When the House returns from Whitsun recess 2nd June 08
-Before the summer recess 22nd July 08
-Before the Annual Labour Conference 20th Sept 08
-By the end of 2008
-By the end of 2009
-Before the next General Election.
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Andrew Allison said...

From a Conservative perspective, Brown should stay on until he is given the order of the boot from the electorate.

Daily Referendum said...


I agree but I can't help wanting the sod to pay.

Anonymous said...

If we can survive his mismanagement, make him stay until an election.

Daily Referendum said...


If we can get rid of him it's just possible whoever takes over will reconsider a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

William Gruff said...

He should never have been allowed to step up but he won't step down until he's kicked out by the electorate in May, 2010.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff,

If he is going to be challenged soon it will be announced tonight, in time for the Sunday papers.

Anonymous said...

It depends what the Labour Party want to achieve and what their view of the odds is.

If they want to get into power the GE after next, call a GE ASAP. The Tories would probably win or it could be a hung parliament. The Tories would cop a lot of the blame for the mess from Labour. I don't think that as a party, they have anything like that clarity of purpose.

If they hope something is going to turn up, and most of them fancy being out of a job in two years time rather than now, they'll stick it out. I also think that the tax and waste chickens will come home to roost, even more than they've done already, and if they try a scorched earth strategy, it will be seen through.

Brown or some other leader? I can't see them getting rid of Brown, but he might break.

I'd say they'll soldier on with Brown for another two years and be completely hammered in the GE, but who knows? Brown might stand down on Tuesday.