Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Poll: Who will replace Gordon Brown?

Here are the latest odds from William Hill. If you think a different Labour MP will replace Brown, please add them to the comments.

If Gordon Brown is forced to step down, who do you think will replace him?
David Miliband 5 - 2
Alan Johnson 7 - 1
Jack Straw 7 - 1
Ed Balls 8 - 1
J Denham 9 - 1
J Purnell 9 - 1
A Burnham 14 - 1
J Cruddas 14 - 1
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Beaman said...

I'd guess David Miliband. He has the youthful looks that seem so important in politics these days (unfortunately). Labour will want that criteria to fight off Cameron.

Daily Referendum said...


Probably, but like Brown, the more I see him on TV the less I like him.

Anonymous said...

Blair, of course. Who else?

Daily Referendum said...


If he was on the list he'd get my vote. He may be a git, but at least he knew how to lead.

Anonymous said...

Steve, the point here as I have heard said elsewhere is that it is convenient for the deluded cretins that make up the entire Labour movement to pin the blame on Browns
complete absence of a personality or any charm whatsoever, when in reality the "people" as they like to term them are fed up of the whole bloody lot of them!
Also, when the truckers and good luck to them, I hope they can bring this dreadful regime down, talk about another UK industry going to the wall, that IS what Brown wants, the end of Britain as a nation state, he is a bigger threat to us than Adolf ever was!!

Daily Referendum said...


I want to know how he sleeps at night, having spent all day bullshitting the nation