Monday, 12 May 2008

William Hill - Tories to win Crewe and Nantwich.

From William Hill:


THE CONSERVATIVES have been installed as hot favourites by William Hill to heap further humiliation on Gordon Brown and Labour by capturing the Crewe and Nantwich constituency in the forthcoming by-election. Hills have made them 2/5 favourites to win the former safe seat, for which Labour are offered at 9/4 with the by-election specialists, the Lib Dems, at 10/1.

William Hill have made Labour the longest odds they have been since coming to power 11 years ago to win the next General Election. They are 13/8 to do so, with the Conservatives now offered at 4/9 - the shortest price they have been for a General Election since they lost power. The Lib Dems are 66/1.A Hung Parliament is a 7/4 chance.Hills make Gordon Brown 8/13 to lead Labour into the next General Election and 6/5 not to.

WILLIAM HILL: WHEN WILL BROWN CEASE TO BE PM? 6/4 2010; 7/4 2009; 5/1 2008; 14/1 2015; 16/1 2017; 16/1 2016; 16/1 2014; 20/1 2013; 33/1 2012; 50/1 2011.

WILLIAM HILL: NEXT LABOUR LEADER ODDS (last week's odds in red): 5/2 (2/1) D MILIBAND, 5/1 E BALLS, 6/1 (10/1) J STRAW, 7/1 A JOHNSON, 10/1 J PURNELL 14/1 A BURNHAM, 14/1 J DENHAM, 16/1 D ALEXANDER, 16/1 E MILIBAND, 16/1 H BENN, 16/1 Y COOPER, 20/1 H HARMAN, 25/1 C FLINT, 25,/1 D BROWNE, 25/1 R KELLY, 33/1 A MILBURN, 33/1 C CLARKE, 33/1 J SMITH, 50/1 A DARLING.


Anonymous said...

Who would be stupid enough to bet on the Lib Dems at 10/1? Maybe 30/1 might entice a few punters.

James Higham said...

Might be better if he remains PM from the Conservative point of view.

Anonymous said...

I was specifically told that there were no Tories in Crewe and Natwich. It's why I went to Plymouth this weekend!

Dark_Heretic said...

I was going to take a punt on when Brown would be kicked out but with those odds I don't think I'll bother.
The guys finished and he doesn't know it

Dark_Heretic said...

Just heard the prat on the radio whittling on about a new iniative to ease the funding gap for elderly care in England. Wasn't he one the prats that created the gap with devolution and the pensions raid?

Daily Referendum said...


At 10/1 I'd be better off lending it to my daughter, either way I wouldn't see it back.

Daily Referendum said...


Yes it would be better, but I can't help wanting to see him get his comeuppence.

Daily Referendum said...

Yes that's right Gordon. Just keep taking the tablets:)

Daily Referendum said...


He doesn't get the fact that what he needs to do is sort out all the crap he has caused. Unfortunately for him, we want someone else to sort it out. Someone we can trust.