Wednesday, 11 June 2008

42 Days Detention - The result of the MPs vote.

MPs are now voting on the extension of the limit of being held without charge to 42 days. How will the DUP vote? Who will win Brown or Liberty? Does Brown's future depend on the outcome?

I will post the result as it is announced. Brown wins 315 - 306. 36 Labour MPs rebelled. The DUP voted with the government.

After the vote, Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, said:

"We won the argument, the Government bought the votes. "Ministers utterly failed to provide the evidence in favour of 42 days in the Commons, and the measure is likely to be rejected in the House of Lords."Amidst widespread reports of vote-buying, the Government did not have the Labour support to win - leaving its Parliamentary authority in tatters."


Anonymous said...

Honestly, it makes you want to vomit a little that people can now be locked up for an extra fortnight because 'tough on terror' polls well for Gordon. That man is a disgrace. He's probably gone back to No.10 to masturbate furiously over the thought of getting more days than Tony Blair managed.

Daily Referendum said...


I think this will turn out worse for Brown than actually losing. There are accusations of massive bribes to the DUP flying around.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree 100%. The manner of this win doesn't really make it a win at all; if he hadn't bunged the DUP (and they had abstained instead) the Speaker would have had the casting vote.

And, in his own mind, it gives him all the justification he needs to stay in the job. A loss of this nature, might, just might, have convinced him it was time to go. That was certainly the case with Blair. But Brown will now feel vindicated, which will only harden his resolve to stay.

Mulligan said...

Judging by the BBC Radio 4 correspondent when result was announced you'd have thought that the Great leader had just won 2 world wars, the world cup and scored the winning goal with the overhead kick in Escape To Victory.

springboard blah blah decisive blah blah gush gush vomit vomit

Daily Referendum said...


Funny you mention Radio 4, I was quoted on their website this morning. Fame at last.