Monday, 16 June 2008

David Davis - What price freedom?

I have been puzzled by the rection from the MSM over David Davis's decision to resign and fight a by-election on civil liberties. I've read a lot of reports today from a wide range of sources and the majority have been utter rubbish. There's a big story here and they MSM refuse to see what the public see as plain as day. David Davis is hopping mad over the dirty vote we saw last week. Brown forced through a bill that goes totally against the freedoms we have enjoyed in this coutry.

Andrew Marr even had the cheek to say that such dirty tactics as bribing MPs to vote in a certain way went on all the time so why is Davis so upset? The idiot fails to appreciate the Brown bought votes that have reduced our.right to freedom and liberty. And what's more he did it with our money. Political reporters have lived in Westminster so long that they - like some politicians - have lost touch with the people. They cannot understand that those same people see Davis as a hero.

I've seen in the press some outright lies and some works of pure fiction. Maybe the story of a politician fighting for our rights is a little boring. Even reporters from so called Tory friendly papers are writing some real unsubstanciated trash. The people love what Davis is doing, Cameron has pledged his support and so have some Labour MPs and peers. Why can't the MSM get it?

And as for Labour ministers ridiculing David for his stance, they should remember that after the next general election, many of them will become "the people" once again.
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Anonymous said...

Spot on. Good post.

'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Well said, DR, I couldn't agree more.

Read BBC's Have Your Say and the newspapers' online forums and the yawning chasm between the views of the press and media and the public on Davis are all too apparent.

Around 90% of BBC's Have Your Say posters - over 2,500 pages on over 250 pages - strongly support Davis's stand.

Page after page of the most recommended BBC HYS comments are strongly for Davis.

These are people who support all parties or none too.

I also analysed the Sun readers' forum on Saturday and here's the result from the first 54 comments on this issue:

37 Sun readers backed Davis

17 Sun readers back 42 days

However, here's where it gets interesting.

For 90% of the pro 42 days lot use very weak arguments

yet c 95% of the pro-Davis lot use stronger, far more sophisticated arguments.

Also, a number of those for 42 days internment were clearly beginning to recognise weaknesses in the case for 42 days in the light of the very strong arguments of the pro-Davis posters.

This supports Davis's view that, given healthy debate on this issue, many of those who now back 42 days will change their minds.

Anonymous said...

Woops, previous post should have stated that around 90% of c 2,500 comments on BBC's Have Your Say back Davis.

Letters From A Tory said...

The Labour ministers might even get to sample the delights of the welfare system as well.

Bill Quango MP said...

You remember that giant computer 'Deep Thought' in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

It takes seven and a half million years to come up with the answer..

And then all it can spout is 42.
Forty Two.
Without, reason, explanation, reference , clairification or understanding.

Anyway, I've just realised. Gordon Brown is Deep Thought.

Eleven years polling, thinking, reviewing, white papering, reading, discovering, investigating, Quangoing, committee-ing and thinking, planning, postulating, preparing, produing and plotting...
And then at the end.. in that strange robotic manner of his you get FORTY TWO.

And then nothing......

Anonymous said...

Our ruling elite are getting very comfortable with the concept of unaccountability and the media are convinced that they are the other part of the equation that tells us what to think.

Basically... they fear the passion for freedom and all it entails.