Tuesday, 10 June 2008

David Miliband prepares to be Prime Minister?

David Miliband has cancelled meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni to return home early. Apparently the excuse being used is that Geoff Hoon asked him to come back for the vote on 42 days detention. Well that doesn't wash. Miliband had planned to make his meetings today and catch a flight back tonight in time for tomorrow's vote. There was absolutely no need for him to return this morning.

So we have to ask, what is really going on? At the moment Miliband is William Hill's 5/2 favourite to replace Gordon Brown. He's also planning an unprecedented tour of the country. A senior minister is reported to have said:
"It is just so blatant. Whoever heard of a Foreign Secretary touring the UK? This is obviously all about David positioning himself for a future contest."
And don't forget that "friends" of Miliband said he is ready to “save new Labour” by standing for the leadership if a critical mass of backbenchers turn against Gordon Brown. So what do you think? Are Hoon and certain senior Labour MPs planning a takeover if the 42 Days vote goes the wrong way? What gets me is that Gordon Brown the "control freak" was not the one to call Miliband back to the UK and knew nothing about his tour of the country. Has Brown lost his Iron grip? And are senior Ministers doing their own thing without bothering to consult him?

The plot thickens?


William Gruff said...

I've said before that we should expect a new New Labour project with a firm hand on Gordon's shoulder.

Were you David Miliband would you wish to take over a party teetering on the edge of bankruptcy with the lowest popularity ranking of any party since the last time Labour were this bad?

Would you?

It's just the Labour Party reining in The Tartan McReich's F├╝hrer.

Don't over excite yourself.

Daily Referendum said...

I agree up to a point. It has been mentioned before that some people would take the Job on for two years. They may lose to the Tories but they could say that they were Prime Minister.