Saturday, 28 June 2008

Doctor Who regenerates into Wendy Alexander!

Doctor Who regenerates into Wendy Alexander! It all makes perfect sense - she's stepped down as Labour leader to become the next Time Lord. I know there was a surprise expected at the end of this episode but did anyone think that it could be the Doctor regenerating?

So as the 10th Doctor dies, who is really going to be the 11th Who? I'm going for either: Sean Bean, Shane Richie or David Walliams.

There again he could always come back as David Tennant through some trick of time (one second out). Or could it have something to do with his hand in that jar at Torchwood?

UPDATE: From the BBC's Doctor Who website:

If you've just watched the thrilling cliff-hanger to The Stolen Earth, you're probably wondering how we could possibly wrap things up in just one more regular episode.
The answer is - we can't. That's why next week's, episode, Journey's End, will run for an amazing 65 minutes! That's almost 50 per cent longer than a regular episode, and even longer than the first two Christmas Specials.
Make sure you're glued to your TV at the slightly earlier time of 6.40pm on Saturday 5th July so you don't miss a moment of epic action.
If you can't wait that long, however, tune in to BBC One tomorrow just before 1pm to see a bonus trailer for the episode. We'll have it online here at the Official Site straight afterwards too.
You can watch this week's episode again by clicking HERE. And next week's (episode 13) trailer by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

James Nesbitt for the new doctor! Can't believe David tennant not gonna be him anymore. Almost felt like crying last night lol.

Anonymous said...

If he regenerates as Wendy Alexander is she going to swallow Davros with that enormous gob

John M Ward said...

James Nesbitt? If so, won't he have to look up the address of each new destination in Yellow pages?

Meanwhile, am I alone in thinking of our Great Leader as Davros?

Daily Referendum said...


Brown's smile is more frightening than Davros (Bobby to his mates).

John M Ward said...


Glad you appreciated my meagre effort!

Anonymous said...