Friday, 13 June 2008

Gordon Brown "bottles it" part 2. He daren't face Davis.

David DavisGordon Brown and his party's response to David Davis's resignation has been truly pathetic. They can't even "bottle it" with any kind of style and they are dithering about when to announce their cowardly stance. Harriet Harman has just been interviewed on the BBC and refused twice to say whether Labour would stand against Davis in the by-election. What are Labour waiting for? I'll tell you, they are waiting for Gordon Brown to make a decision - I hope they are not holding their breath. Gordon as usual is waiting to see what public opinion is on this matter. I imagine he is pretty sure that he won't put up a candidate, but since becoming PM he has realised that he is absolutely useless at gauging public feeling. Therefore he will wait until the last minute to officially announce that Labour will not face Davis.

Labour are trying to say that this brave move by Davis shows that the Conservative party is split on its terror policy. That's funny because Davis is going to fight his campaign on official Tory terror policies. Dominic Grieve, the man who has replaced Davis on the shadow cabinet holds exactly the same opinions on terror as David, and come to mention it, so does David Cameron. How is that split? It is in fact the Labour party who are split on terror. On the 42 days vote, no less than 36 Labour MPs rebelled. It is quite obvious from reading the press over the last few days that many more would have rebelled, if wasn't for some arm twisting and last minute bribes. As we all know the vote was won only with the help of the DUP, who Brown says were not bribed. Does anyone, anywhere believe that?

David Davis is right. This vote was won in the most dirty and underhanded way. Any Labour supporters reading this should be ashamed of their party today. Gordon Brown has zero respect for democracy. This has been proved once again today by Brown saying he will plough on with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty even after Ireland have voted NO. Brown does not want to fight Davis over our Liberty because he knows for a fact that he will lose. As the polls indicate, we are sick of the growing security state and we are tired of Gordon Brown and his cabinet.

Well done David Davis. From what I have seen around the Web, you have the support of the Conservative party and the majority of its members.


labourparty said...

That's about as ill-informed a comment on this issue as I've read so far. Labour haven't "bottled it", nor are they dithering in announcing whether they will stand against Davis in his self-proclaimed referendum-lite.

In normal circumstances there would be no debate as to whether Labour would field a candidate in a by-election, even one where they come a poor third. But this is not a normal by-election. The second place candidate and even some of the fringe Parties have made that plain by also not fielding candidates. It is not a question then of whether Labour should contest an election, but rather whether it serves anybody but Davis in putting up a whipping-boy candidate destined to lose from the start. In an ideal world a resounding "no" would have been forthcoming yesterday, but there are internal issues which need to be carried out beforehand. The local Consituency Party needs to be consulted, for instance.

Having provided the Labour Party with a gift, Labour also wants to make sure that Davis isn't able to bottle it himself too. I think we can all wait for the election to be called before Labour formally leaves Davis to stew in his own juices.

No matter how you try to spin it, the only one looking foolish is Mr Davis and the Conservative Party.

Daily Referendum said...


What a load of waffle. He's bottled it and is now dithering over when to announce it.

The 42 days vote was dirty and you and the rest of the nation know it. How you can defend them is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Your fervour does you credit Steve but why should Labour do anything other than try to make things difficult for the other side? Brown does not need to show his hand until it's in Labour's interest to do so. Too soon to say that he has bottled it again (although on past form he may well do so).

I'm sure DD is sincere in his aims and reasons; I'm less sure he has gone about it in the best way.

But most of all, I'm quizzical about the way the Cameroons have reacted; the support seems less than effusive, and this rather than Davis' announced resignation has allowed Labour to milk the situation to its advantage so far.

John M Ward said...

There is no ambiguity about what this action was all about, so it puts pressure on Gordon B and Labour to respond. With the Irish vote on the so-called Lisbon Treaty a reasonably comfortable "No", the Labour Government is now in something of a fix. That's how it is, despite the spin that the Left-friendly media might put on either or both of those issues.

This has been a really clever move on Davis's part. Heads he wins, tails Brown loses. Whether or not Labour field a candidate, Davis wins the argument and can do a lot of damage to Labour in the process of this by-election. We know it will go ahead as Kelvin McKenzie will stand against Davis if Labour don't field a candidate.

This is going to be an event that will get into the history books, however it turns out, and meanwhile is being watched internationally. Whatever the exact outcome, it will be a win for Davis and for the country.

Remember: Brown and Co have to deal with the international community, and their leaders, diplomats and the rest will be well aware of this whole business. Oh, yes -- it's important and significant all right!