Monday, 2 June 2008

Gordon Brown - Our courageous leader? - 42 days.

Apparently Ed Balls told Today that Mr Brown would not be forced to resign if the Government lost the vote on 42 days:

"In the end, leadership is about doing the right thing. I think the public will support Gordon Brown. "It is about showing leadership at difficult times and showing courage, compared to opposition parties who are playing politics with this."
Where do we start?

Gordon Brown's idea of leadership is: I'm in charge. We will do as I say....until my MPs tell me different. And why does courage come into it? If Brown knew what the word meant he wouldn't have cancelled the election, backed down over the 10p tax fiasco, dodged signing the Lisbon Treaty with the other leaders, dodged the EU-Africa summit in Lisbon and stitched up Baroness Amos to take his place or reneged on the Labour manifesto promise to give us a referendum (because we would vote NO). Like an Italian Tank, he's got gears, but they are all reverse ones.

And as for "The public will support Gordon Brown" what happened to public opinion on the Lisbon Treaty? It seems that the public opinion only matters when it is in agreement with Brown, but they don't know what they are talking about or know what is good for them if they disagree with him.

And the "opposition parties who are playing politics with this" line takes the biscuit. This bill on the extension of holding suspected terrorists to 42 days has been watered down so much to appease his constantly rebelling back bench MPs, that he may as well have not bothered bringing it up. This is not the Bill which was proposed, and Brown is playing politics by changing it to suit his rebelling MPs so he can be seen to win.

Courage my arse.


Letters From A Tory said...

"I think the public will support Gordon Brown"

Ed Balls brilliantly demonstrates how out of touch the Labour Party are.

Daily Referendum said...


He's either out of touch or he's well aware that he is talking crap in the hope that someone will fall for it.

Anonymous said...

We know Ed Balls is a twat of the first degree, but this really takes the foodstuff of the cookie variety.

I find the 'playing politics' charge to be very rich indeed. Can someone find the text to Tits Smith's speech last night, because she effectively said that Labour MPs should vote on it because losing would make Gordon look bad. If that isn't playing politics, I don't know what is. The quote was in the BBC article, but they have done one of their famous edits to take it out.