Sunday, 1 June 2008

Gordon Brown put on two weeks notice by Hilton.

GMTV this morning saw Alex Hilton and Iain Dale discussing Gordon Brown's future. Alex was very bold giving Brown two weeks to turn the party's fortunes around - otherwise he should be visited by the men in Grey suits. Personally I can't see Gordon changing and hope for the nation's sake that he does get that visit.

Obviously as a Conservative, it would be better if he stayed, but can the country take another two years of his mismanagement? Whatever happens it's going to be an interesting few weeks in UK politics. We have the Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty on the 12th of June,(come on Ireland) the by-election for Boris's seat and the vote on 42 days detention.

I've been saying for about 6 or 7 months that Brown would be on his way out in May. It looks like I could be only a few weeks out.

Watch this space.

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