Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Gordon Brown's pork pies to parliament exposed.

Since Gordon Brown came to power he has consistently dodged questions put to him in PMQs by spewing out an endless stream of Tractor production figures. The thing is, we all know that a vast majority of them are total and utter bullsh*t. Cameron was recently asked why he allows Brown get away with it. Well it looks like David has taken that to heart and will now expose Brown's dodgy figures.

From the Conservative party website (If it's in red it's me):

Mr. Brown's claim that the majority of drivers will benefit from changes to the road tax has been exposed as an error (polite parliamentary way of saying he's a lying git).
Brown's claim, made in Prime Minister's Questions, contradicts previous Government statements:

- In Alistair Darling's Budget Red Book, it was stated: "As a result of these reforms, the majority of motorists will be better or no worse off in 2009."

- Treasury figures from April indicate that 81% of cars will be worse off (shocker!)after the changes to Vehicle Excise Duty.

Another of Brown's claims - that 24 of the 30 top models "will have the same or lower tax as a result" - has also been shown to be misleading.

Vehicles like the Mondeo, Focus and Micra are included in the 24, even though most of their models will be taxed more heavily.

David attacked Brown during PMQs for using "dodgy statistics" to back up his argument.
Fraser Nelson over on the The Spectator Coffee House has also been looking into "Brownies". This time he questions Brown's claims of record employment.

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John M Ward said...

It's about time all these dodgy statistics were brought to wider public notice. Well done to Dave for playing his part, on behalf of the British public.

Let's hope that the media will carry this sort of information more strongly than they have tended to in recent years. The British people need to know the full truth about Gordon B and the Labour Government, though most now seem to have sussed out at least a part of it for themselves.