Thursday, 12 June 2008

I'm a Terrorist and I claim my £3,000 - (I'm not really, I don't want locking up for six weeks).

From The Daily Mash:

MILLIONS of people across the UK are hoping to earn up to £3000 a day by pretending to be a terrorist.

With the government offering generous compensation to anyone held without charge for more than 28 days, enterprising Britons are already getting up to speed with key Jihadist phrases.Would-be fake maniac Wayne Hayes, a shopfitter from Swindon, said: "I'm just going to wander into my local police station and say, 'I think I might be a terrorist'. "Then, at the stroke of midnight on the 29th day I'll say, 'actually, I don't think I'm a terrorist after all'. Ker-ching!"He added: "I'm sure some people will keep it going for the full 42 days, but I can only get four weeks off work."

Full story HERE.


Letters From A Tory said...

The Muslim student who was on Newsnight recently was locked up for six days because he downloaded something from a terrorist website.

Sounds like easy money to me!

John M Ward said...

Although I have long thought that there should be compensation for wrongful arrest, this particular implementation of the concept is clearly a vote-buying exercise at what could be considerable public expense.

It's no problem for those proposing it -- it's our money that will be splashed out hither and yon in compensation payments.

This whole scheme of 42 days detendtion without charge is crazy. We know that it was devised purely and solely and a political weapon to use against the Conservatives, and in reality has zero value in fighting terrorism or any other criminal activity.

It's all a sham, and we are (as usual) going to have to pay for propoping up this rubbish Government.