Friday, 6 June 2008

Irish odds on to vote NO in Lisbon Treaty referendum.

William Hill are giving "even" odds for a YES vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum. Those of us opposed to the treaty will be glad to hear that the NO vote is "odds on" - 8/11. This could be down to the latest poll held on the Treaty.

If you are Irish, please vote NO for us, because we were not allowed a referendum as we would vote against the Treaty.


haddock said...

Perhaps if any Irish voter reads this, the words 'IRISH FREE STATE' might stick in his mind when voting.

Anonymous said...

I'd bet money that if Ireland did vote no, the BBC would start running Spelman as the headline story again.

Come on the Irish! Ignore some of those rude things I've said in the past ;)

Daily Referendum said...


I hope a people who have fought for freedom will do the right thing on the 12th.

Daily Referendum said...


A list of excuses has no doubt been compiled ready for such an occasion by both Labour and the Beeb.

Anonymous said...

I will be voting no along with everyone i know and the more they try and bully us into a yes vote the more people seem to be digging there feet in. I am so disgusted with our politicians trying to bend us over that i will be voting for sinn fein next time for the 1st time ever. At least they are not scared to go against the majority.

Geraldine said...

Hi Everyone.

I'm Irish and I voted NO to the treaty. I knew months ago that I was going to vote no.

I vote no so that I could remain living in a free state and that every other country in the EU could continue living in a free country and not a cloned country where we are told what to do, what taxes we have to have, that we have to reduce wages inline with other european countries.

Good Irish people fought for my freedom so that I was able to grow up in a free country. They willingly gave up their lives.

I think we are very lucky that it is in our constitution that any change to any EU Treaty must be voted on by the Irish Public.

I wish every country had this right to voice their opinion.

The result should be sometime tomorrow afternoon and I'll cross my fingers that the No vote wins.

Unknown said...

I hope the Irish vote this treaty of treason down.
How Dare Brown blair and their bankers deny the british people a vote.
This EU is a monster,, unelected,answerable to no-one.

Geraldine said...

Great News today! Its the best day of my life!!! Today Ireland has rejected the Lisbon Treaty. I'm so very proud of my fellow country men and women. Ireland continues to be an Irish Free State.

Today we showed the EU fat cats and the French and German Ministers that we will not be rail roaded into saying yes just because they threatened us.

I think that every country should have a right to a referendum.

I'm just over the moon that we rejected the treaty and I think our ancestors who went before us and fought for freedom will be very proud of us today :)

I feel soooooooooo proud today :)))